Posted by: SK | February 11, 2008

the passion….the drive..and the start..

I am person with loads and loads of starting problem“..

To be more precise I need a ‘KICK-start’ in most cases if I quote my husband..( now who knows this ‘bitter truth’ better than aj?he must be having the urge to kick me atleast a dozen times for every “maha”task i ve to do..)

So i need some strong motivation.. stronger than a cup of coffee with 2 spoons of dark-roast coffee powder.. always..

Its not that I am lazy..once I start..I can go-on and on and actually enjoy what I am doing..

Its just I am “starto-phobic”..

So when we got engaged looooooooooooooooooooong back in 2006..(Dont u laugh!! 2006 is not looooooooong it? do u remember what u did at 11.23 a.m.on jan12 th and at 7.30p.m. on may 1 st.2006 .do u? do u??? ha!! )

ok.. back to the point..

One of Aj s endeared request was “revive” my driving skills..

sounds easy eh!!Did I do it?

Beep beep:request denied!!

October 2006 -wedding date fixed..

Beep Beep Beep: driving classes not done..

arey!!I ll do it..

Loadsaa time’s there ok..Besides there are more important things..

December arrives..

Nothing done about D.S.



February 2007..

Plonk!!: Mission Impossible.. as I landed here..

The Ultimate question came after I burnt my hands(literally!!) coking and aj had more than one dis-abled,dis-interesting n many more dis’s…looking curry in a dish ..

gave me a disgusted look and asked..”well,atleast u can drive.. I hope???!!”


now what?

I tried to explain my “problem” to him..

errrr… tried to..

he dint get it then..

But later on as time went,

he knew and realised..n also figured out the solution..

So I was FORCED(Thats the exact motivation I get now-a-days!!..) to take my learners..

which i cleared with flying colours..all colourful.. (No offence:But any moron/bimbo can CLEAR the learners..all it takes it to mug up a book and give a “kaun banega”type of test…)

and then the long pause..

no signal towards driving again…

My hubby pestered me.. pulled me to his car..but na..

Driving मेरे बस या कार कि बात नही..

अब क्या? जब दिल से मांगो तो कुछ भी मिल जाये॥ “motivation” क्या चीज़ है??

So came into picture two of my favourite ppl in this world!!

Both are very close friends of from my college days(x) and other one I made friends here(y).the only gurl I have among my friends here..(duh!! rest all are boys!!)

now, x learnt driving,snailed her way thru test and aila!!she bought a new car..

thats in one corner of this world..(oh, dont i miss her??)

while the other one(y) got a job faaaaaaaaar away from here,so bought a car and is now settled well with all her courage her car n driving..

बस इतना काफी था..

I made my mind..

n today I took my first driving sessions..

Aila!!that was fun..I Wanna drive…and I have the drive now…

aj खुश हुवा!!

P.s. how did i get this self-realisation about’ startophobia’…. simple da..I always have my thinking cap on…now that s something I dont need a ‘kick’ start for!!! Thats why I just loved him


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