Posted by: SK | February 8, 2008

FRIENDS – season 1

No.. No..
I did not mean F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
I am speaking of friends..yours n mine..
these people come across as mere strangers..come closer to you..
Some remain close to you during some course of time in our lives..Some stick around a little more..and some are destined to be friends for a long long time!!
Sometimes I feel,making friends is a life -time process!
Like I remember my grandpa had a few little friends he had made during his last few years of life.They would wave to him,smile,whenever they met him walking down the road and he in turn would chat to them for a short while n then continue walking.I never knew how they were friends,But they were always there somewhere on his way..calling him various names from “vag ajjo”(tiger-grand dad!!haha) to dodda mama(big uncle!) and he having a big laugh n sometimes buying them a lil chocolate or a few groundnuts..
Where as my granny still has her gang of young lads(I call them her ‘army’!!)from the neighbourhood and they call out her when they walk by, run errands for her,share their joys n sorrows.Heart-breaks to career,cricket to Indian economy,movies to political scenarios what not are discussed !She gives them goodies at times,scolds them more and every time I go home, her gang seems to be growing and growing!!
And she ll have a few interesting bits to tell me, complaints about some ‘useless fellow’,praises about some ‘good kid’!!
And speaking about Life-long friends and keeping it alive..
My grand parents are live examples..
Anama(that’s how I call my Grand ma) have had these 2 other Bapama s(Grand aunt s as we Call them!) as friends all life..One of them G was her classmate till metric(that’s 10th std)in Coorg and they used to be in touch with letters,cards(till phone s became a part of our daily lives!).My granny who loves travelling(I think she passed that “travel-o-bug” to me!!) actually went to many places to visit her as her husband kept getting posted to various places in India and saw a fair bit of India when the concept of travel meant only thirat yatras(visiting holy places!) or was only for the rich and the famous!
Just the two of them explored loads of places then around the town where G stayed..
Anama n G were part of each others every mode n chapter of life..children,their education,weddings n their grand ones(us!!:)
During her last days,G was aware that something was wrong(though she dint know she was suffering from some life-taking thing)and my grand ma was informed of it by her family..
N I ll never ever forget that last meeting!
It was so heart-touching,Heart breaking for the rest of us..But when I and her daughter who was there started talking.. I felt that we ll be always linked to each other..even though we seldom met..It was like a light of hope in me.. some solace..
Anama s other friend is S bapama.Now S and anama s pair can do “sabki chutti”(beat anyone!!) with their enthusiasm ..its like ‘Age no Bar!” when they both decide to do something together(Sometimes I feel if they decide to climb Mt.Everest,they ll just do it.. who cares if they are in their 70 something!!)umaar hui humari.. woh dono to abhi bhi jawaan hai..(if anyone s grown old, its us, they are still young(at heart!!)
These two have got this whole “family friends”thingy..
They had their spouses be friends..
kids were friends..
now I have her grand daughter as a good friend since my childhood n she s a sweetheart!!
and today we are still in touch with each other(thanks to easy to access e-world we have now)
keeping our inheritance ‘friendship’ alive!!
as about the two friends anama n S bapama they might be hatching some wonderful to-do-plan now.. to celebrate diamond jubilee of their friendship now..


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