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Day 4 -Crazy rituals

I do follow a few rituals but  I wont call this superstitious!!  I don’t know how they originated… but well I somehow have ended up with this whole bunch of them.

just listing a few…

I have to wear my slipper/ ugg slip-on’s when I sit down to have supper.. for otherwise I feel I will be cold. And this is just an act in advance so that I don’t have to get up in between  eating my meal

I have to  drink a glass of water after washing my hair.. just like that.. May be I  get dehydrated .. but that craving for water is as though I have not drunk water for 3 days straight..

I have to cuddle Bruno for atleast 10 minutes before I got bed.. Not sure if he minds if I do or don’t, but I feel so content after spending time just tickling his ears or rubbing his belly as I hum a song or have a conversation..

So, what are your crazy rituals with or without logic? do share and Promise, I wont judge..




Posted by: SK | November 4, 2016

Day 3- the other boy in the house..

Since the last time I posted to now.. there is one significant being in the house.. one who is demanding yet loving, silly yet sensitive and naughty yet pure..
though he can manage to get stinky in dirt within microseconds of given a wash, co crazy excited in the middle of the night at times and throw a tantrum when we cancel going out in the evening.. he just keeps me on my toes and manages to make me laugh..

Our darling 2 year old Pug..*drum roll… Little Bruno Marcus..( don’t ask me why I named him so.. It just popped into my head when I saw him first at the breeder)
this is when we manage to get him to sit..









and when he makes a face








and another face..( I swear all this is happening within seconds of him posing…)









Just yesterday, I got the sad news that one of my friends from childhood( she lived in my neighbourhood) is no more..
Of-course, along with the shock and trying to let the message sink in , I could not resist thinking of all the moments I remember with her and surprisingly I could remember several.
She lived in my neighbourhood and though I used to attend a local school and she would travel to the city, I can recall lot more memories with her from those days.
I used to catch up with her and some other girls during holidays to ride cycle in her area. I remember one day, when she fell off as her bicycle skid and hit a rock closer to my house. My grandma asked her to come in and clean the scratches and wounds and I was so impressed by her manners and maturity to handle the situation without a tear..( you see, it was so unlike me who could not control tears and definitely would have been so shaken if happened to me.). I even mentioned that to her as we were walking towards her house that day(she limping and me dragging her cycle, and she only smiled as I told her that.
We attended the same music class then and we used to walk to classes once a week together. I remember her bubbly voice chatting and telling me stuff that someone 2 year older to you could tell and you would listen with such amazement and wonder. :). We bonded a lot during our commute, not to mention climbing on the terrace of the 4 storied building to enjoy the views while waiting for our teacher who would be late sometimes.
Later, I changed my music classes but then started travelling to city to school, so we would sometimes meet in the bus. Whenever I met her, we would have lots to chat and giggle about.
The other memory of her that I am left with is watching her perform at local programs as she was a classical dancer.
Eventually we met lesser and lesser as we finished school and I left to another town to study under graduation course.
Then of course, I never lived at my parents place for longer time other than holidays and she also moved towns with work. The next we met was on Facebook over the last few years where she did look weak and pale.. But I never asked.
Wish I did 
So dear friend, wherever you are.. I want you to know that you did touch my heart in your own bold and cool way.. You will be missed..

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Day 1

It has been ages, precisely speaking 3 years since I last posted. Until Swaram was on FB asking people to jump into a month of blogging.
This week s tough, considering I have an assignment to complete but then, writing a few thoughts should not be hard- or so, I thought.
But it was so….
However, when at loss of words.. post a picture and here it is!!
Until tomorrow. Bye!!









update: I left this post in my draft and did not post it yesterday!! 😦

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Brush with famous …

Iifa opening night
* my first conscious brush with fame – this time Bollywood n that too the ” highly regarded” forms of Hindi cinema.
After loads of contemplation, realising how I used to stay away from famous n rich.. Pretending to ignore.. I remember avoiding meeting eyes with Sanjay dutt, Nagma n her sister, n stealthily looking away at AOL ashram.
Further I remember meeting Kannada superstar Ananth Nag n that was too treated with the same ” I don’t care who you are” attitude. Probably it was my inferiority complex that stopped me or the very fact that I could not take any sort of ” oh, you typical fans” sort of behaviour.
Fast forward 10 years n now..
I am here sitting in hyots cinema waiting to watch the first Hindi movie ” raja harischandra” .. This moment is iconic for me for the very reason that I love Bollywood which is the biggest link to me towards my homeland and all the events and times in life since the time i wanted to be a child in mr. India to admiring watching raj kapoor in “mera Nam joker” , from my dhak dhak moment with Madhuri to when I cried for anjali..from watching zubeida to admiring rani in black .. The list in endless ,the love grows stronger .. Tasteful and better..
Like vintage wine… 🙂

Update: I actually saw n spoke, as in asked a “fattu😜” question to Vidya Balan ..I must have sounded so sad but hey.. My first brush of fame … Oh man .. She is such a doll n hav so much confidence.. Same with farah khan.. Her go – get nature is so infectious.. I wish I could talk to them all.. N there was prabhu deva .. N Simi Garewal .. It was just too good 🙂 loved to be a part of history.. N to know about sir dada sahib palke .. Such beautiful couple and the movie ” raja Harischandra” was too good.. To see it exactly a 100 year of its release to date iis something I will always cherish through my life..

N with this excitement I can say” Swathy 😜is back n in full swing” 🙂

P.s: cannot update video from here:( (iPad) 😱😧

**I am back!! helllooooo..**

looking around.. 😦

no one.. sheeeee..(sh) why?

because I had disappeared.. several important events (good ,bad & ugly.. u decide) took place over the last 10 months I have been missing..

naturally.. people disappear.. friends and pals walk off seeing not a single post.. akhir kitna intazaar kare koi?

anyway.. if you ever come back:

here are some new news headlines:


a) last year, my birthday was awesome(june 3rd) with no Ajay( dont ask what was great.. read patiently).. yet made beautiful by a dear friend .. realised how sweet my friends actually are to me, inspite of me being a u-know-what!! 😉

b) Next day my whole world collapsed to loose a family member.. by law he is my father.. probably that s why the name.. he was every bit of it and the worst part.. I realised a lot of this after we lost him.. I know you are with us always mam.. and the pact remains.. I will try my best not to cry as you would want me not to….(a post on him, may be a few..  will be in here soon)

c) went to India urgently for the last rites, came back and my work contract finished within the next week.. which meant I was not just at lose of a dear one… but also one of the best things about my life- MY JOB..

d) that s the bad about my life.. now starts the good ones..

e) Imagine getting to sleep 2nd innings until 11.0 AM in the morning, having husband come home for lunch.. watching Star plus serials.. and going on walks anytime I want to..This is exactly what I did..

f) reconnected with a few good freinds from the past, watched the whole of Oympics.. that too closely.. sitting a metre away from the tele..cheered for India and Austrlia and “THE BOLT”, of course.. (also watched big brother after that.. but that s the ugly part.. lets concentrate on the good, shall we?? )

g) Most importantly, spoke to my mum, granny(anama) & dad almost everyday which I have not done since probably I left home at 17  to join B.Arch  in Manipal.

h) went to watch BATMAN with the same good friend with whom I spent my budday.. at her  slight push.. I agreed to go.. …. – midnight-premiere show..Thanks Ms.M.I enjoyed it thoroughly..

i) Got asked to rejoin the “sustainable” governement job.. part time in October..

j)went on a long drive in the same week with Aj on his work.. wont say where.. but we drove a total of 1485 kms in 20 hours.. yes.. WE ARE KUKOOOOOO.. :P( Love our madness Mr. Karki.. this is why I call my marriage a roller coaster ..)

k) usual job.. yada yada.. went from part time to full time in 6 weeks..

l)best part of last year..we went on a road trip with Mr.K & Ms.N.. who have recentely been awarded the “best travel companions for the mad Karki couple-2012/13” for the 1 st time.. for the following reasons:

1) for staying sane on our insane road trip to central Australia, cutting 2.5 states and  covering 5400 Kms in 8 see the “red centre” A.K.A Tirupathi of Australia as we call it fondly now..

2) do you really need more reason?? seriousely!!

recentely heard: Ms. N is frantically learning to drive so that we can go on another trip and she can also drive instead of being the “kangaroo watcher”..( Yes, yes.. another post on this too is needed, I know.. me and my bigh mouth!!)

m) back to work.. old boss retired.. new one recruited.. and by god!!! I am really “working” again the whole world of working in a “client side project management team” has got a whip and a wand..( a fhatoosh & a Swish..) and I am as good as I can possibly get into the steep learning curve of Project Management…. this is exciting and fun and scary and just confusing.. all at the same time..

n) march: started studying again.. this time post grad, part time..and loving every bit of it..

o) Went on only 2 running practices to do my bit for the little people at “Run FOR KIDS” 2 nd year in a row.. this time my timing was pathetic as I was sleep and sense deprived.. but next time.. I promise I ll do better.. hail, rain or sun..****AJ will crack his whip at this one and roar “RUBBISH” we ll see Mr. we will!!

J) between awesome work and being a student and having your husband also continuing his 2 nd masters.. (which means 2 students and ek bechara chinese neighbour who probably has got good ear muffs now..;).. you would think .. what else does one need..

well.. let s put in a tadka(seasoning) of a “to come soon”- BIG FAT WEDDING.. that too INDIAN WEDDING..

and that too.. MY OWN LIL SISTAAAR s WEDDING..**sniff snifff.. my baby….wahhhhhh!!

coming soon to INDIA..( er.. myself.. not the wedding) and the wedding is in JULY!!

of course.. my sweet friends in the blog world..

and I will be turning the magic.. Joe dreaded.. beautiful June……( if you see friends.. you ll know how much)//

and there will be a big speech then ..some party.. some thank you notes and gifts.. and love sent out to special people of my life..

until some of you come back, read and go..

let me shoo off and finish the rest of my “resource management- chapter 4- resource planning”

Love and lots of hugs,

Swathy..who is… still hanging in there.. BeTWeeN Earth & Sky..










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Presepctively yours -2

Great!! This was supposedly the actual post I had written.. then decided to put in This incident as a priority to post the more funnier one later.. and what do I find? The draft has not been saved somehow & worse.. as I said to reflections..” For the love of my life.. I cannot remember”

Don’t you hate it when this happens to you??  ugh!!

If  I ever remember what the pathetic incident was.. (which my brain must have conveniently archieved considering  it might have a major impact on my tiny pea-brain..)

I ll definitely update this post..

damn!! its once in a blue moon that I get something written.. and as an icing on the cake.. Now i ve begun to lose some of those as well..

* head hung in shock/shame..



Posted by: SK | April 17, 2012


My dear Life,
Just as I thought I have had enough embarrassments for the week by tripping over a miniscule of a step, running after a already moving train in the station or stiffening a yawn when I am supposed to look immersed in the conversation during a meeting –  you came up with your own little sweet surprise to make the week feel more complete, what did you say? You don’t even remember?? Well done !!
Now that s what I am here for. To remember & remind…
The whole story began when yours truly drafted a letter to sent to external consultants(EC here after) in a project management(PM) software named Aconex( Similar to Lotus notes, but is more relevant to PM).This was to request them to keep certain correspondences of items called CPR using Aconex .(hint:  remember these 2 words in bold , they ll be handy to laugh at me, later)
Now I am not one of those who can trusted to re-read and spell every single word I throw on paper or type correctly, So I have trained myself to do a spell check to be doubly sure I know what I am sending spells right.
Till this incident, I thought Spell check was the very next miracle following Cloning, But you cannot take anything for granted these days. Thus proven here by.
So after the email was successfully drafted with all the items in place, I started the spell check during which i was only interrupted twice by a telephone call & a laugh over some joke across the office..
Nodding my head, I meticulously finished the spell check & pressed send..
Gasp!! Stop.. stop!! my brain screamed!!
what.. how..
I felt like sinking into the ground the very minute and disappear for my boss & his boss was also c-c d into this. Not just them, the external consultants who wont spare even one chance to throw me off .. this was an excellent opportunity for them to moke.Most importantly: how could I do this? My head was screaming with all these thoughts. 😦
Bad swathy!! Bad bad swathy!! Cursing myself, I slowly let the joke on me sink in because my email, which was already sent a few seconds ago by now, was reading something in the lines of –

“ Dear Blah Blah,
Further to my instruction over telephone, please remember to issue the
Capers in Agonies .To keep the approvals of Capers in Agonies has been the usual procedure, however I think it would be good if we have all further correspondence regarding capers via agonies ,Just to keep all the information in a single thread. This would also mean we do not have to specifically request for information on meetings, discussions with consultants/clients/builders as they could be either done through Agonies . This also means notes about it could be saved along with the Capers when issued through you.
Thanks & regards,”

                     to the times of million & more..

Those who did not get this yet.-  simple!! While I was interrupted during spell check I had clicked ‘replace all’ for Capers instead of CPR’s and Agonies instead of Aconex!!
Though I managed to immediately blame it all on Friday and somehow managed out of a ‘you… scum bag and  un professional person’ kind of talk/ look all  thanks to the really cool people my boss & his boss are, the EC’s did not have a choice but to keep quite and may be laugh amongst themselves..
And thus the joke was successfully executed on me..
Thank you life..
I hope this is one of the last ones for now..
Till the next one..
I ll live you with more confidence, more strength & more cheer..
Perspective’ly yours,

P.S: you ll know ‘why- presepective’ly yours’ when I write the part 2 of this.. Yes, there was another bad joke played at my cost, as though the last one was not good enough!! !!! grrrr..

..(Enthiraan/Ro-bo-da style!!)

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Try It Tuesdays-2

Mangalore style (Dry) meat  with Jeera Rice, served with Lime wedges & onion rings

I also refered this , but definitely changed a few ingredients, measurements & servings..( I know, I can never copy anything straight off a recipe, unless its baking.. that is why I seldom do it!! :))

Posted by: SK | March 9, 2012

A letter with a Tag..

Dear  Nancy,
Hope the doom & gloom  (kale exam-wale baadal) is over now..and I am answering the Tag .. Just for you !! 🙂
I pray that you will be very successful in winning over Mr. Exam!!
Allright.. here s the rules as given below & my answers… 🙂
1. You must post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post & then create 11 new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag 11 people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!
1.)      If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
          FLY ( need I mention safely, adhering to All international code of conduct, standard etc..) at 1000km/ sec .. This way I can visit my parents & in-law s alternatively every weekend.
Oh oh!! I should also be able to  carry a few kilo of luggage everytime I do so.. this way, I can bring FOOOOOOD everytime I visit home(s) 😀 .. wow..
And once I ve had enough of  parents & Inlaws  have had “ENOUGH” of me..(when they ll start grumbling  too much about the lazy me..) I ll begin my ” Visit-a-city-of-my-choice- every weekend ” …wowwwwww… I wish.. I wish.. I wish.. 😛
2.)      What was your favourite childhood television program?
   hmm.. The first one I can think of is ” Tehkikaat”.. Used to wait the whole week for Tuesdays.. I used to take great pleasure in trying to use my own “detective” skills to speculate the ending of every case as 1 case would generally last 2 episodes..
This was of course in my middle school days & I hope that can pass as “Childhood”
3.)      Have / had any celebrity crushes ?  
Only one.. Saurav Ganguly.. Love him love him love him..
I mean… loved him.. hmmmmmmmm..** long sigh!!
4.)      If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
everywhere I could possibly go.. again go back & read my first answer.. 🙂 for me.. the whole Freggin’ world is too beautiful to even miss a single place.. 🙂
5.)      Name 1 thing you miss about being a child.
summer holidays.. 2 whole months of it..and NO!! I was never bored.. never..
6.)      Name the one comic/book character that you loved the most and why?
I loved ‘Jasmine’ from Disney’s ‘Allahdin’.. why?? Have you not seen her cute eyes and super-sexy clothes, i wished.. I was like her.. ** with big eyes and a great body!! (Very shallow, I know.. still.. :D)
7.)      What is the one thing that you are dying to try but haven’t had a chance to do so yet ?
Sky Diving .. I don’t think I will ever get myself to do it.. But I still want to do it.. Get it? Get it??
“I hate you like I love you” kind-a-situation
8.)     Do you have a role model – someone you want to emulate? Whom do you admire the most?
My Paternal grandparents.. No.. I cannot choose one. I admire them the most… There were and still are the people who I look upon.. I still talk to Ajja (Grand Dad) (he s no more alive.. Still ..) and adore every moment I spend with Anama..(grand ma)
9.)      What do others make of you?
        I get influenced by small things which I don’t even notice consciously in others.. Like I go into Automated mode and pick “slangs”, bit of accents, words,laughing style.. facial expressions..the list can go wielder & longer..(Okay.. I can almost see all of you ordering large Abaayas /raincoats/scarfes to hide from me if we are going to meet..)
BTW, does this answer the question??
10.)  Have you ever gotten into a fight or punched someone ?
I ve never punched.. my knuckles are not that strong.. But I have definitely got into fight & have surely  hit/pushed/shoved  quite a few perverts/idiots/despo’s in Public transport since my child hood.. I have been taught very young of  respecting myself  &  my body  & no compromise with it.. All credits to Amma & Anama.. the strong women of my life!!
11.)   For Girls – If you woke up tomorrow to find out you are Brad Pitt, what would be the first thing you’d say upon looking in the mirror???
no saying anything baby.. this sexy body says it all  ;P
I would still be Swathy Intenally(Wont I??), so I be wowing & oogling at my super-hot-body!! 😉
i dont care if am called a narcissist!! 
Allright.. I ve done the tag, Again too lazy to change the questions..
Also, since I am back after many centuries now.. may be, you .. who are reading this , may take up the tag.. But let me know when you do it.. and again.. keep visiting!! 🙂

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